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Welcome to the inner circle of success—where only the best tools make the cut. This is my handpicked collection of business essentials, each proven to amplify your impact and streamline your journey to the top.

A heads-up: this exclusive list includes affiliate links. Meaning, if you decide to empower your business with these tools and make a purchase, I might earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

I stand by each recommendation, sharing only what I've personally used and found invaluable. Because here, it's not just about making it—it's about making it extraordinary. Dive in and equip yourself for greatness.

Zoho One

Ditch the messy combo of outdated tools, random cloud apps, and old-school paper methods. Get your whole biz running smoothly on a single kickass platform. Zoho One replaced HoneyBook, Later, Gmail, Flodesk, ClickUp & my website, and these are just the ones I can remember.

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Vidyo.ai is like the Swiss Army knife for video creators. Need to chop your long-form videos into bite-sized social media clips? This tool's got your back. It's AI-powered, so it does all the heavy lifting—scene changes, speaker shifts, you name it. You can even upload straight from YouTube.

There's more! It auto-captions your videos, clips, resizes, and even sorts them into chapters. And get this, you can post directly to your socials with a single click. It's a game-changer, and creators are raving about it. So, if you're still stuck in the editing Stone Age, it's time to level up.

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This tool turns your audio (podcast episodes) into a goldmine of ready-to-publish content. We're talking clean transcripts, detailed show notes, and even newsletters and tweets that are ready to go viral. Save 6+ hours a week and focusing on creating more kick-ass episodes instead. So, if you're serious about leveling up your podcast game, Castmagic is a no-brainer. 🎙️✌️

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Amazon Faves

Stepping into the realm of course creation, the right tools aren't just helpful; they're essential. Below, you'll find my handpicked favorites from Amazon, covering everything you might need to craft your course—be it audio/video or audio with slides. Remember, the quality of your content is paramount, but never underestimate the transformative power of a solid microphone and the right gear to elevate your course from good to unforgettable. Each item is a tried and true component of my own setup, ensuring you're equipped for success right from the start.

Hohem iSteady M6 Kit Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer 3-Axis with Magnetic Fill Light/AI Tracking Sensor for iPhone Android with 0.91-inch OLED Display Max Payload 400g 2023 Upgraded

This gimbal is your go-to for hassle-free video recording. AI tracking, customizable lighting, and killer stabilization make it a no-brainer. Plus, it's compatible with Apple & Androids. Easy to use, easy to love. Perfect for recording dynamic video content. 

I'm looking at you, you like to walk and move don't want to set up your camera 100 times!